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E. Christian & Company Ltd

The Landscape
EC Group provides fulfilment, handling and delivery solutions to a wide variety of clients. The broad range and scale of our service offering is expected to increase and to enable this we have been looking to increase the capacity on our current site.

The Challenge
Our proposal is to install a pallet racking system in our newly completed warehouse extension – c.a. 10,000 sq ft. The unit will be used to create valuable additional storage and handling capacity that will enable us both to grow and to develop our custom (bonded) warehouse facility.
As a result this will give us greater flexibility in responding to new and existing clients’ requirements.

Business Support
The arrival of the email from the BEST Growth Hub about the new South East Business Boost (SEBB) Grant was extremely timely as the whole project has been calculated to cost around £35,000. Being informed that there was up to £10,000 in grant support available, if we were eligible, would prove to be invaluable.

“My initial reaction to the email was rather reserved – I expected an extremely onerous process and a massively complex qualification procedure – but in fact the whole thing was completely painless! “
Chris Long , Managing Director

The Value Added
We are now in the final stages of the system installation and are excited about how this will impact the Business.

“It’s been a pleasure working with the BEST and SEBB team on this project and I’m very grateful for all the support we’ve received.”
Chris Long, Managing Director

In financial terms, we expect the capacity created to enable us to generate a minimum of £250k per annum, as well as creating between 2 – 10 new full time employee positions alongside our existing workforce.

The additional revenue will allow us to reinvest into our current business infrastructure with the potential to expand again in other premises that we own.


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