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Business Support in Braintree

Our vision is to be a prosperous district that attracts business growth and provides high quality employment opportunities. The district has strong competitive advantages as a destination including:

  • Hosting leading sector businesses who engage with the community and emerging businesses for peer to peer support.
  • An above county-average for turnover growth rate, enhanced by strong established partnerships.
  • Investment to achieve Superfast Broadband coverage above the county average by 2020.
  • Access and close proximity to Stansted airport, Harwich ports and London, with planned improvements to the A120 and A12.

We are an ambitious Local Authority, who works with our private and public sector partners, including SELEP, the BEST Growth Hub, SELEP and Essex County Council to deliver a wide programme of business support.

Our key priorities are:

Business Engagement – We will achieve an increasingly engaged business community who are able to explore and access support services to help them start up, innovate and grow.

Business Support – We will achieve a fully supported business community that meets the needs and requirements to encourage strong and sustainable economic growth within the district.

Infrastructure and Connectivity – We will achieve a district that is market ready and fit to do business in, meeting national standards and building on our competitive advantages to encourage economic growth.

Strategic Partnerships – We will achieve a strengthened offer of business support services and accessing shared funded initiatives to deliver them for cost efficiencies.

Business Intelligence – We will achieve smarter working and informed service planning whilst minimising risks to economic growth within the district and tailoring our business support services to the needs of the business community.

For more information on how Braintree District Council can help your business, please visit our website or contact us on or  call 01376 552525.