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Business Support in Harlow

Harlow Council is committed to creating the right conditions where business can thrive and prosper. With excellent transport links to London, Cambridge and Stansted Airport, Harlow offers a fantastic location for your business. Harlow Council helps and supports businesses and provides services such as licensing, advertising and sponsorship opportunities, environmental protection, planning and regeneration. The information contained in these pages is intended to help existing business, those planning to start their own business, and those thinking of locating in Harlow.

  • Pre-Start
    • Harlow Council is keen to ensure that when starting your own business you can get the right sort of help and advice to grow.

  • Start Up

    • There are a variety of organisations, agencies and tools available to individuals and new business in Harlow, if you would like specific information on the type of support available and which support is best for your needs, please providing brief details on your circumstances and the support you may require.

  • Established

  • Procurement