Is your business ready for 2020?

From trading relationships to technology, most aspects of running a small business are changing. Build your business’ resilience with our free advice and resources to help SMEs and make sure you are ready for change that could affect your business.

The BEST Growth Hub will be running a number of free business resilience workshops designed to help businesses identify new opportunities, grow and remain resilient, even during times of economic uncertainty. Are you Ready?

A resilient business is one that has the complete confidence of its customers and employees alike, ensures full compliance with industry regulation, mitigates against financial risk, protects its supply chain, safeguards its data and intellectual property, and saves lives through effective emergency and evacuation planning. However, businesses today are operating in challenging and unprecedented times; international unrest, trading uncertainty, severe weather events and ever rising cyber security requirements are leading to an increase in business disruption.

Looking at the immediate-term business environment, Brexit poses by far the biggest risk to business continuity, and the CEBR’s Brexit Disruption Index cites our Manufacturing sector as being the most at risk from our leaving the EU.

This ‘Business Resilience’ workshop, delivered by The Export Department, is specifically designed to address the issues faced by our manufacturing sector, ensuring that all relevant aspects of the business’ operation are scrutinised and challenged. It will help attending businesses identify and address vulnerabilities within their operations, enabling them to swiftly adapt and better respond to business threats in order to safeguard business continuity.

Attendees will gain practical insight to ensure they are:

  • Equipped with the knowledge of how to best protect their company from external threats;
  • Able to undertake market analysis and economic scenario modelling to better inform business decisions;
  • More confident that their company’s contracts will stand up to domestic and global scrutiny should a breach of contract occur;
  • Appraised of how to best safeguard their intellectual property;
  • Able to analyse and manage their supply chain more effectively, building in contingency and alternative sourcing where appropriate;
  • Better able to support employees and develop strategies for retaining and acquiring new talent;
  • Aware of threats to data and how to mitigate against the risk of data breach;
  • More confident that they and their products comply with HMRC and regulatory bodies involved in international trade;
  • Better prepared for changes to customs procedures and regulation post the UK’s exit from the EU;
  • And much more.

About ‘The Export Department’:

The Export Department is a business management consultancy with a passion for empowering UK businesses to expand their brands overseas. The company specialises in business growth through international trade and export, working with SMEs and micro businesses from a wealth of different sectors and from across the UK. From advice and market research, through to proposition adaptation, market entry and export management; the company provides small businesses with the expertise, knowledge and experience of an in-house exporting function, without the overhead.

In light of the UK’s decision to leave the EU, the company has also engaged with The Institute of Export and Local Enterprise Partnerships across the UK to deliver targeted and practical Brexit preparedness advice.

Last updated: 04/02/20