“Cash flow is the life-blood of every business so make sure you’re getting it right!”

Cash management can have a massive impact on any business; small, medium or large. This briefing will explain the vital elements of effective cash management that all businesses should have in place, what they look like, how they can be built, how much control they’ll give you over your business.

Most importantly you’ll find out how they can be used to make informed strategic decisions on your business allowing you to make better profits and put more cash in the bank!

The objectives of this business seminar are to help you understand:

  • How cash and finances fit into a business
  • Why financial controls are important
  • What financial controls are needed?
  • How to influence cash movement in your business
  • What options you have available to help fund your business’s day to day needs
  • How you can get the controls you need underway within your business!

Pro-actions Business Seminars are FREE but spaces are limited.

Last updated: 17/02/17