Know the risks and protect your business from Cyber Crime

Cyber security practices are as important as locking your doors or putting your valuables in a safe. You can and should manage your online security in the same way you would protect any other aspect of your real world business/life.  Doing the basics can reduce the risk and help protect you, your staff and your business from becoming victims of cybercrime.

Whilst it is accepted you can never be totally secure, it is recognised that we can protect ourselves from most cyber-attacks with some basic security principles and processes for your staff and IT systems.

Essex Police Cyber Crime Protect Team are delivering 2 workshops with the Essex Chambers of Commerce that consist of the basic 6 modules local businesses need to be aware of to upskill themselves in cyber security and learn that by doing the basics right can help protect themselves thus reducing the risk from becoming a victim of cybercrime.

Workshop Modules 4 – 6 – Best practice in keeping your Smart devices safe from attack, what constitutes a secure password and how to securely manage your social media accounts:

Mobile technology is now an essential part of modern business, with more of our data being stored on tablets and smartphones. What’s more, these devices are now as powerful as traditional computers, and because they often leave the safety of the office (and home), they need even more protection than ‘desktop’ equipment.

From these modules you will have a greater understanding of why strong passwords are essential to you and your business in keeping your and your clients data safe, what needs protecting and what constitutes a strong password.


9.00am – Registration
9.30am – Workshop start
10.30am – Break
12.30am – Workshop finish

Upon completion of both workshops 1 & 2, which meet Government set standards on cybercrime, attendees will receive a certificate confirming completion of the modules included as well as advice and support in how to sign up to Cyber Essentials. Find out more here

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Last updated: 27/09/19