Is your business ready for 2020?

From trading relationships to technology, most aspects of running a small business are changing. Build your business’ resilience with our free advice and resources to help SMEs and make sure you are ready for change that could affect your business.

The BEST Growth Hub will be running a number of free business resilience workshops designed to help businesses identify new opportunities, grow and remain resilient, even during times of economic uncertainty. Are you Ready?

The precise form that Brexit will take remains unclear and the implications for business will vary by size,sector, and the main markets for your specific business. The structure of the session will be as follows:

Cyber Security

• A World of Experts and Criminals
• The Cybersecurity Cube
• Cybersecurity Threats, Vulnerabilities and attacks
• The Five Nines Concept
• Protecting a Cybersecurity domain

Take Homes

At the end of the day you will have an improved insight into cyber security. Crucially, you will have models that can be applied in your own organization to develop a change plan in response to the specific challenges and opportunities that Brexit throws at your organization.

Course Leader – Dr Erika Sanchez-Velazquez

Erika leads our Cisco Networking Academy and has expertise in networks and security. She has a special interest in recently developed technologies, include Software Defined Networks and the Internet of Things,with a focus on how they can improve security and how they affect the security of a network.

Please note delegates will need a laptop with admin rights to attend this workshop.

Last updated: 02/02/20