In collaboration with Cranfield University the Enterprise Europe Network is organising a brokerage event during a two day conference which is aimed at showcasing graphene based products and/or technology benefiting individuals, large industry and society in general.

The conference will take place at Cranfield University on the 4th and 5th September 2017. The brokerage event will take place on the afternoon of Tuesday 5th September as an integral part of the conference.
Cranfield University is inviting all companies – micro, small, medium, large enterprises, spin outs, start ups – together with research institutions and individual members of the public to present their work on applications of graphene. Especially those at an advanced level of commercial development, with prototypes tested and products nearly or already available on the market.
On the first day, Monday 4th of September, key developers in the field will describe the current state of the material science. Those with advanced level prototypes or products will give short presentations and demonstrations (the agenda will guide people on site).
On the second day, Tuesday 5th of September, there will be sessions on funding and investment, B2B brokerage meetings, and practical support for new companies meeting the challenges of commercialisation from prototypes to products, including sessions on the development of business plans.
Participants of the conference will include government representatives, policy makers, industry partners, investors, grant schemes, and potential customers interested in progress on graphene and the current availability of graphene technology.
The event is free of charge to attend.  Free exhibition tables are also available to those wishing to showcase graphene products and graphene technology, but space is limited, so please register early. 
Last updated: 11/08/17