A key element to exporting successfully is understanding how to manage cultural differences effectively. Join this webinar to learn how to strategically approach cultural differences more positively and understand the rewards it can bring your business.

The Department for International Trade in the East of England have joined with Patti McCarthy, Director at Cultural Chemistry and author of ‘Cultural Chemistry, Simple Strategies for Bridging Cultural Gaps’ to examine how to incorporate cultural understanding into your export strategy, aiding your company to win more international business.

Topics covered include:

• Rewards – What are some of the many benefits and advantages of developing your cultural competence?
• Research – What do you need to know and why?
• Reflect – How do you feel about what you have learnt and what kind of impression do you give others?
• Reach out – What simple techniques can you use to build bridges over cultural gaps?

Why join this webinar?

It is vital that when trading overseas that you adjust your business practices to account for cultural differences. Devising a mind-set which creates common ground is critical to winning business and successfully selling your product or service. Join this webinar to understand the steps your business needs to be taking to effectively manage cultural differences.

Last updated: 14/01/20