Is your business ready for 2020?

From trading relationships to technology, most aspects of running a small business are changing. Build your business’ resilience with our free advice and resources to help SMEs and make sure you are ready for change that could affect your business.

The BEST Growth Hub will be running a number of free business resilience workshops designed to help businesses identify new opportunities, grow and remain resilient, even during times of economic uncertainty. Are you Ready?

Attend our free Leading Change event to discover the different models for change management and how to be the change you want to see in your organisation.

Do you want to take your organisation in a different direction or do things differently? How do you bring your staff on that journey with you? What do you do to lead that change?

The business environment is constantly evolving no matter the size of your organisation. To stay one step ahead of the rest, to increase your profitability and to respond to your clients there may well be a need for you and your organisation to change either structurally or to introduce new procedures.

In addition, new technological innovations, changing consumer behaviours, pressure from your competitors all may mean that your organisation, or parts of it, needs to change and adapt to survive and prosper. You probably entirely understand this but might be unsure how to implement change positively. And you might be so focused on the organisation and the necessary changes to it that you forget about yourself and your own behaviours in leading that change.

Our event is designed to help you understand successful methods of change management and how to apply them. It is also designed to help you understand your role as the leader of change. Aimed at business owners or leaders, the session is designed to be appropriate to the key decision makers in an SME: it will be relevant to those responsible for setting the future direction.

Our Expert Can Guide You To:

  • Have an overview of change management tools
  • Understand and recognise those who are resistant to change and how to deal with that positively
  • Recognise the importance of your role as the leader of change and your own behaviours
  • Recognise the importance of structured change to the success of your business

Who Is Our Expert?

Anita ThornberryExecutive Director Haven Gateway Partnership and Director, Goldville Ltd

Anita’s career began in the City of London working on the foreign exchange markets. She then decided to change direction and work in economic growth and has held senior strategic leadership roles in organisations for the past 15 years.

Anita leads the Haven Gateway Partnership, setting the strategic direction of the organisation and overseeing its delivery. Anita also works as a consultant, advising organisations on strategic direction and leadership as well as writing bespoke strategies for them.

Attend our free Strategy event to discover how to go about writing a strategy for your business to maximise the success and sustainability of your business.

Last updated: 02/02/20