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We can provide advice and support to allow you to improve the skills in your business and even learn new ones. It takes a great deal of hard work to set up and run a successful business. Anyone planning to start or develop an existing business will benefit from training in general business and enterprise skills. If you’re looking to start or develop a business, below are some key skills that you should identify to help you succeed:

  • Business skills

    It is essential to acquire new business skills if you do not already have them. It is important to understand the principles of running and managing a business, including marketing, planning, finance, people management and so on.

    If you have no current business experience, it can be worth taking a business start-up course, which may be free of charge or available at minimal cost.

  • Leadership skills

    If you expect the business to grow, you will have to employ people and your leadership and people management skills will be vital. Many promising enterprises fail to grow because their owners do not have these skills when they take on staff. Consider whether you would benefit from further training or support in this aspect of business.

  • Sales skills

    Every business requires an element of selling. Initially, it is important to educate and persuade people about why they should buy from you, and in some cases it will be crucial to be able to negotiate to win new business.

  • Organisational skills

    In order to trade effectively, business owners must be well organised and administratively efficient; it is important to organise yourself and others, plan ahead, manage your time and have the discipline to meet deadlines and statutory commitments.

    As your business grows, you will inevitably have to consider any skill gaps that might open; you may be able to take advantage of free training available on topics such as marketing and social media or on management and leadership. Alternatively, as your IT systems become more complicated you may need to consider recruiting staff with technical knowledge.

    You may want to consider:

    • Training your current workforce
    • Developing your management and leadership capabilities
    • Recruiting externally
    • Outsourcing work, such as graphic design for marketing material, to a specialist company.

What’s available?

The University of Essex is a great place to start when it comes to sourcing solutions for your growing business. You can tap into Essex Talent through expert consultancy, or through hiring high-calibre students and graduates on a temporary or permanent basis. In addition to employee training courses and continuing professional development, you can also access free recruitment services and a dedicated team is on hand to help you access the services you need.

  • Santander funding offer to organisations

    As an organisation that has previously used Essex Interns to advertise an internship vacancy, we wanted to let you know that we have some funding available through the Santander Universities Internship Programme for graduate internships.

    Essentially, the funding is for a full time internship for a minimum of 3 months, for current final year students (and recent graduates from the last 2 years). The funding amount is  a maximum of £1500 which can be claimed at the end of the internship period. Please refer to the attached document which outlines the full conditions associated with this offer.

    You may want to consider recruiting an upcoming 2016 graduate using the Santander funding and we would advertise a vacancy to our current final year students who would be available to start an internship in June or July once they’ve finished their degree.

    Through Essex Interns, you can gain access to a talented pool of upcoming graduates who can inject enthusiasm and fresh approaches into your business. They can help plan or deliver a specific project, or provide an extra resource for a busy workload.  An intern could allow you to start a project that might have been put on hold or not completed due to budget or time restrictions, and free up and support your permanent staff.

    Please note that you must directly employ an intern through PAYE and pay on at least a monthly basis.

    Funding is on a first come, first served basis (subject to approval of the internship vacancy), so please get back to us as soon as possible if you’d like further information on how to advertise.

    For more information you can email internships@essex.ac.uk or phone 01206 873729

Anglia Ruskin University pride themselves on the ability to work with businesses and support their needs through a variety of methods ranging from workplace training to access to specialist facilities and supporting reduce a businesses carbon footprint.

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To find out more on how to improve the skills in your existing or new business, please contact the Business Navigator Team.