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Training and development is vital to any company, whether you are just starting up or looking to expand there are opportunities for you and your staff. Investment in your workforce to ensure their high level of skill and efficiency is vital for business competitiveness, professional development and ultimately provides the foundation for growth.

There are also a number of other benefits linked to training your staff:

  • Your employees’ motivation is likely to improve, which has its own benefits linked to increased productivity.
  • Training may also reduce the time your employees take off work.
  • It’s a cost effective method of developing your business’s skills, as opposed to externally recruiting.
  • Developing your employees’ portfolio of skills will ultimately give you an edge of your competitors.

What’s Available?

Businesses in Essex can also take advantage of a variety of opportunities for part-funding of training programmes. More information on securing funding for training can be found on the Essex County Council Funding for Business website.

Find out more information on hiring an apprentice to fill a skills gap. Alternatively, find out more about hiring a graduate intern:

You can also view providers of Skills and Training through the Skills for Success Document which can be viewed in PDF form.

To find out what training opportunities are right for your business, please contact our Business Navigator Team.

For more information on skills and employment issues visit the UK Commission for Employment and Skills.