The Coastal Revival Fund will support projects to help revive heritage assets that are important to local communities but have not yet reached their full economic potential or are facing neglect.

The grants will primarily seek to support Coastal Community Teams (CCTs) looking to improve, repair or regenerate structures or sites.

It may also be used for the initial works that will help revive the structure in the longer-term, such as:

  • Architectural surveys
  • Conservation management plans
  • Feasibility studies
  • Legal advice on development

Who can apply: Coastal Community Teams, local authorities, charities, community groups and organisations, including social enterprises.

Funding will be passed to local authorities to hold and disburse on behalf of projects. All projects must ensure that one of their local authorities is willing to act as their accountable body.

For further eligibility information, read the guidance.

Maximum grant: £50,000

Match funding is encouraged where appropriate.

Deadline: 5 July 2018