Essex Regulators are working together under a scheme known as ‘Better Business for All’ (BBfA).  BBfA is an established approach to better regulation.  It provides a model of partnership working between businesses and local regulators focusing on changing the culture of regulatory delivery at a local level.  It encourages all parties to work together and share information to allow local economies to prosper and grow.  Local regulation can take many forms – it includes those areas overseen by trading standards, environmental health, animal health, licensing, planning and fire safety. Enabling businesses to better understand the regulatory system and access services in a way which suits their needs, is key to supporting improved compliance and growth.  BBfA is a project which within Essex has the support of the Best Growth Hub, Economic Development teams and local regulators – supporting business growth is a key priority across Essex.

Essex Regulators want to help Essex businesses save time and money, by making it quicker and easier to comply with the laws which impact on them. You are being asked to provide your feedback on your experience of local regulation in your business and what would help to make it easier for you – this survey should not take more than 5 minutes of your time.  Businesses are being asked to give their honest feedback about their experience of regulation within Essex specifically and how they think the process could be made quicker and easier. Whilst Essex regulators cannot change the laws, the information you provide will help inform a review of the local approach aimed at helping to support you in achieving appropriate and proportionate legal compliance.

To take part in the survey please click HERE.

For more information, contact Rachel Glover, Environmental Health Services Manager on 01268 208215.