Businesses in Colchester are now able to take advantage of a new Government scheme making vouchers of up to £3,000 available to pay for the installation of future-proof, ultrafast broadband.

Colchester Borough Council is working with the Government to make the voucher scheme available to give local businesses much faster connectivity. The vouchers will fund the capital costs of the installation of up-to gigabit fibre connectivity, which will help boost the creative and digital sectors, as well as other businesses reliant on sending and receiving large amounts of data, multimedia content or high-quality collaborative working and video conferencing. Gigabit is up-to 50 times faster than the antiquated telephone line-based connectivity still used by many businesses in the town centre.

A full-fibre gigabit connection is transformative, and gives businesses:

  • the ability to upload and download huge amounts of data at blisteringly fast speeds
  • the capacity for high definition video conferencing with multiple participants
  • unprecedented reliability and service up-time
  • a future-proof connection, meaning your connectivity is scalable and can be increased as and when your business requires it, without the need for new infrastructure to be installed
  • the ability to compete technologically with companies based in London and other cities, who may already be taking advantage of ultrafast connectivity

Colchester Borough Council has already deployed a fibre network that can provide up-to-gigabit broadband in the town centre and is looking at ways to expand its reach. The existing network reaches some 850 small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs), with the additional capacity to service apartment buildings and other residential accommodation within its footprint.

Pending final confirmation, the Council understands that vouchers of up to £500 in value are soon to be offered to households also wishing to connect to gigabit networks.

The voucher scheme is part of the Government’s £200 million Local Full Fibre Network Fund (LFFN), which is designed to boost the take-up of ultrafast broadband across the country.

For further information, or to register your interest, please write to: