Highways England has published a Prior Information Notice (PIN) for the Lower Thames Crossing (LTC) project here.

The PIN has been published to inform potential suppliers that the project intends to purchase goods or services in the future, and provides them with the opportunity to prepare to bid for contracts with the LTC, if and when work goes out to tender.

If you would like to register your interest, you can do so on the Highways England procurement portal.

Once registered, businesses will receive updates about the different LTC works packages as soon as the information becomes available.

Please note, the issuing of the PIN does not commit Highways England/LTC to carrying out any work or issuing any contracts.

Engaging with the market at this early stage is standard practice for a project of this size.

We hope this will lead to a positive dialogue for all parties, as Highways England seeks the right partners to deliver the most ambitious project of its kind in the UK.