Who is it for?

Established manufacturers (who demonstrate the intention to grow/improve – through creation of increased turnover, increased jobs and/or introduction of new products/services/processes).

What does it offer?

The Manufacturing Growth Programme (MGP) provides free advice and support to manufacturing SMEs to help them grow and improve. Offers an independent business review to identify opportunities and create plans for growth and improvement, growth/improvement grants (contributions of 35% to cover implementation costs), connections to wider support to maximise opportunities, access to matched industry experts to provide consultancy and/or coaching tailored to the business needs.




  • Humber LEP
  • Leeds City Region LEP
  • Greater Lincolnshire LEP
  • York, North Yorkshire & East Riding LEP
  • Leicester and Leicestershire LEP
  • Black Country LEP
  • Coventry and Warwickshire LEP
  • Greater Birmingham and Solihull LEP
  • The Marches LEP
  • Northamptonshire LEP
  • South East Midlands LEP
  • Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire LEP
  • Worcestershire LEP
  • New Anglia LEP
  • South East LEP
  • Hertfordshire LEP

Additional information:

A manufacturer, is defined as:

“A business that engages in any economic activity directly related to a product or production process they have researched, designed or produced, or otherwise hold core intellectual property in.” If businesses are unsure if they meet this definition, please get in touch with the MGP team.

The full process:

1.     Manufacturing Growth Manager (MGM) gains contact with a potential client
2.     Client needs to complete a registration form (visit or call) which details the company details & their eligibility to the programme
3.     MGM visits the company onsite and collects a wet signature registration form and discusses support/project needed
4.     MGM completes a strategic business review of the client which details the areas for improvement
5.     This translates into a project support plan, outlining their projected GVA/job outputs expected from the project
6.     The client is required to send 3 requests for quotation to coaches/experts to deliver the project
7.     Once the client has received the quotes, the MGM requires a copy for evidence towards the clients grant application
8.     The 3 quotes are then incorporated into an ERDF procurement form resulting in a value for money matrix where the client summaries who they have chosen for the project based on the matrix outcomes
9.     Grant application form is created for 35% grant contribution towards the project
10.     This is then processed in the MGP office, certifying and recording all documents
11.     Once approved, a grant offer letter is sent to the client including an appendix of ‘how to claim’ their grant
12.     MGP Project coordinators contact the client to confirm they’re on track for their project, known as ‘reviews’
13.     A service delivery review is completed with the client by the MGM detailing their anticipated outputs, including jobs created, turnover and quality of delivery
14.     Grant processed after completion of project and client receives a state aid notification

Average grant size = £1400 towards £4000 project.


Email: amanda.glover@egs.live

More details to follow!