This programme is for business leaders looking to grow from low £m to £10m plus. At the end of these sessions, you will have a clear, strategic direction to achieve the business growth
you’re looking for. Meet experts and likeminded people, develop your own individual plan for your business – in just 10 hours over five months.

Covering leadership, strategy, successful profiling, winning and keeping customers and finance options, the subject experts in this programme cover the essentials of business growth. It is beneficial to attend all five sessions; however, you can attend as many or as few as you need to. The workshops are conveniently arranged first thing in the morning from 8.00am – 10.00am to minimise the impact on your working day.

  1. Strategy: Your vision and goals – Tues 18 Sept I 8am – 10am: Malcolm Johnston, The Marketing Centre
  2. Marketing: How to be the “go to” in your sector – Tues 9 Oct I 8am – 10am I Tim Ellett, The Marketing Centre
  3. Successful profiling: Winning and keeping customers – Tues 6 Nov 8am – 10am: Alan Crouch,Sales Plus Profit, Hugo Smith , Freeman Clarke
  4. Leadership: Leading your visio – Tues 4 Dec 8am – 10am: Shaun O’Hara, People Puzzles
  5. Finance options: Best options for expansion – Tues 15 Jan 8am – 10am:  Chris Stockley, The FD Centre, Simon Tucker, The FD Centre

To register or for more information, please contact Malcolm Johnson, Regional Director, on 0191 481 3818 or email

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