Our Workshops

This Essex Business Workshop Programme is funded by BEST Growth Hub and is being delivered by LAR Consultancy in partnership with Essex Innovation Programme mentors.

An administration cost of £10 applies to all 3 hour workshops and £20 for 6 hour ones. All online training and 2 hour workshops are free.


If you have any questions about the workshops or would rather book over the phone please call 07921397050.

Date Time Title Length Location Cost Link
18-Dec 10.00-11.00 Alternative Finance (Online) 1 Online Free http://bit.ly/2yk2GhX
05-Jan 14.00-15.00 Product Safety Ask the Expert (online) 1 Online Free http://bit.ly/2zIUdci
10-Jan 09.30-16.30 Proving your Market and  the Product Development Process 6 Braintree £20 http://bit.ly/2hWQ5ej
11-Jan 09.30-12.30 Alternative finance 3 Epping Forest £10 http://bit.ly/2yk2GhX
11-Jan 13.30-16.30 Investment Readiness – can you raise the finance you need? 3 Epping Forest £10 http://bit.ly/2yk2GhX
12-Jan 09.30-12.30 Filming on Your Own Device 3 Maldon £10 http://bit.ly/2yMxMmz
12-Jan 13.30-16.30 Marketing & PR – Surprise Workshop 3 Maldon £10 http://bit.ly/2jceRL3
13-Jan 10.00-17.00 Business Growth – Risk Management and SWOT analysis 6 Thurrock £20 http://bit.ly/2iJYFN0
13-Jan 10.00-11.30 Marketing & PR – Surprise webinar 1.5 Online Free http://bit.ly/2jceRL3
16-Jan 12.30-14.00 How to Get People Saying Good things about your Business 1.5 online Free http://bit.ly/2m7qJ1T
16-Jan 9.30-12.30 Planning Effective Meetings 3 Epping Forest £10 http://bit.ly/2AnXavh
19-Jan 09.30-16.30 Creativity and Innovation processes for Growth 6 Braintree £20 http://bit.ly/2jcdL1T
19-Jan 15.30-17.00 So you think you need a website? 1.5 Online Free http://bit.ly/2zuncha
23-Jan 09.30-12.30 Winning Work – What you need to know 3 Tendring £10 http://bit.ly/2hjdmGx
24-Jan 15.00-16.30 Can you Raise the Finance you Need? 1.5 Online Free http://bit.ly/2yk2GhX
25-Jan 18.00-21.00 You’re on social media – so what? 3 Basildon £10 https://goo.gl/wHwZm6
25-Jan 13.30-16.30 Alternative Finance 3 Castle Point £10 http://bit.ly/2yk2GhX
25-Jan 09.30-12.30 General Data Protection Regulation- GDPR How does it impact your Business? 3 Epping Forest £10 http://bit.ly/2zp74jx
25-Jan 09.30-12.30 Investment Readiness 3 Castle Point £10 http://bit.ly/2yk2GhX
25-Jan 08.00-10.00 Should my business be considering IP? 2 Thurrock Free http://bit.ly/2hXkadY
29-Jan 09.30-12.30 How to Get People Saying Good things about your Business 3 Harlow £10 http://bit.ly/2m7qJ1T
29-Jan 13.30-16.30 Marketing & PR – Surprise Workshop 3 Harlow £10 http://bit.ly/2jceRL3
30-Jan 09.30-12.30 HR Practices How to do HR with no HR Department 3 Brentwood £10 http://bit.ly/2iH7Wpe

More workshops will be added for February and March – we also have some ‘register your interest ‘ workshops. If you would be interested in attending any of the workshops below please email eip@essex.gov.uk with the title, preferred location and time of day.

The full workshop programme along with more information and online booking can be accessed here: https://goo.gl/4CJfRS