Scale Up Businesses

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) define a Scale Up business as:

“A business with the aspiration and potential, with support, to deliver significant turnover growth over the next three-year period of at least 50%, and who have at least 5 staff in the current period”

Growth Hubs have a role to play in identifying and targeting scale up businesses that;

  • have the potential to scale up with support;
  • are already scaling up;
  • have experienced a scale up phase and are looking to consolidate; or
  • are entering a new growth period, in the broadest possible context.

Businesses that are identified as Scale Up are eligible for up 12 hours of free business advice from a Scale Up Advisor.

A BEST Growth Hub Scale-Up Advisor will work with ambitious Scale-Up businesses to help maximise their growth potential and scale-up by;

  • inspiring, motivating and encouraging;
  • linking those businesses to the right services to make that scale up process successful and with sustained impact;
  • helping identify growth opportunities and constraints;
  • facilitating the mapping of a 3 year strategic journey for the business and
  • assisting with the development of a 12 month Action Plan.

If you believe your business to be eligible or would like more information, please contact us on: