Are you a small business that could benefit from some extra support, whilst at the same time supporting a student into the world of work?

The University has a well-established and successful internship programme. With help from the SECCADS funding, you can access a talented pool of students, and graduates from the last 3 years.  A graduate internship can also serve as a trial period for a permanent post if you are looking to ultimately recruit a graduate into your organisation – although there is no obligation to recruit on a permanent basis. We don’t dictate exactly what an internship should look like, but we do ask that it is a genuine student or graduate level work opportunity, which includes an element of learning and development for the intern. This may simply be the opportunity for the intern to gain a better understanding of the business environment, allowing them to apply their knowledge in a workplace setting, or could involve the development of more comprehensive project specific skills.

Grow your business with better numbers!

The University of Essex is home to a world class centre in data science. We have expertise across a range of business sectors, but especially in understanding how numbers, their use, analysis, manipulation and interrogation, can help your business grow. Through support from SECCADS the University offers small business access to a range of academics. This support can be provided in many ways, including workshops, bespoke mentoring support and webinars, direct to your business.

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