South Essex College

South Essex College

South Essex College is a leading regional provider of cost effective training and development solutions for businesses.

We currently provide apprenticeships, traineeships and work placement students to hundreds of organisations. We offer a comprehensive end-to-end service to large and small businesses, including making sure businesses’ apprenticeships comply with the myriad of government rules.  We also deal with recruitment, marketing businesses’ apprenticeship vacancies, as well as meeting and screening the candidates.  You can book a consultation by contacting our experts.

Our commercial training arm, The Professional Institute, offers high level qualifications delivered by industry experts.

Business Enquiries Web Address:

Business and Employers Email Address:   Employer Services Adviser

Contact Details: 0845 5212345

Support Scheme:

  • - Bespoke Course Design
  • - Bespoke Short Course Training
  • - Business Courses and events
  • - Essex Apprenticeship Programme
  • - Training