Better Business for All

Better Business for All

Regulatory Services (which include Environmental Health and Licensing; Trading Standards and Essex Fire and Rescue Service amongst others) have responsibilities to ensure that businesses comply with laws relating to food hygiene; consumer trading; licensing; fire safety and health and safety at work.

Regulators would far rather provide informal advice to a business at an early stage to help achieve compliance, rather than deal with a poor outcome through regulation!  This makes good economic sense as it can avoid unnecessary costs putting things right later on.

Businesses are encouraged to seek advice on legal compliance at any stage during their business life – this helps businesses to achieve compliance from the outset.  Seeking advice before carrying out changes to a business for example, means that alterations can be achieved with some assurance that these will meet appropriate legal standards.  In most cases, a charge is not made in respect of business advice.

Businesses may wish to consider seeking a Primary Authority Partnership which enables them to have assured advice from one regulator which other regulatory authorities have to have regard to.  This is a statutory scheme which is currently open to businesses trading within more than one local authority area, but with effect from 1 October 2017, the scheme will be extended to those trading in a single local authority area.

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